Present Working Directory

I'm currently responsible for backend programming & infrastructure at Human. We're building a mobile app that encourages people to interweave more physical activity in their daily lives.

I'm also a member of Chokepoint Project, a non-profit organisation that collects, analyzes and reports on data relating to network neutrality and civil rights in the digital domain.

I have previously studied Network Media at the Piet Zwart Institute (MFA) of Rotterdam (NL)1, Computation Arts (BFA) at Concordia University in Montreal (CA)2 and Multimedia studies3 (Junior College) previous to that in Hull (CA).

I've worked as an engineer, artist and researcher for cultural institutions, educational establishments, Internet startups, other individuals and myself.

Email : l at pwd dot io or laurier at chokepointproject dot net + PGP key

1. This Masters program was essentially Free Sortware meets Humanities, wrapped in an artistic burrito. Apart from my Dictator's Practical Internet Guide To Power Retention, I made stuff like The Listener, a grumpy chat program that outputted its mediated conversations on a plotter.
2. Tech oriented Fine Art Bachelors with a focus on design and computer sciense-ish thing. I made projects along these lines.
3. Broad technical program, including video, 3D modeling/rendering, sound design, js/asp/db programming, graphic design, project management, etc. Will not show work from 2006, it's embarassing.